5 Dog Safety Tips for Independence Day

Posted by Mike Maury on

Independence Day festivities are a staple and can be a great deal of fun for both you and your lucky pet, but loud noises, foreign objects and new people in the house may create a chaotic environment for your dog.

Dachshunds with American Flag / Happy 4th of July

Here are 5 ways to keep your dog safe and happy this 4th of July:

1. Update your dog's ID tag, many dogs run away because of the fireworks they hear

2. Restrict play area away from open flames

3. Keep hazardous material out of reach, like charcoal, fireworks, glow sticks and alcohol

4. Create a safe zone indoors with gentle music to help cover the sounds of fireworks

5. Keep healthy treats on hand for your guests to feed your dog instead of human food

Have a safe and happy Independence Day everyone!

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