Top 10 Ways to Celebrate National Puppy Day

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March 23rd is National Puppy Day, a time to celebrate the unconditional love of puppies and bring awareness to the illegal and abusive puppy mill industry.  

National Puppy Day was founded in 2006 by Celebrity Pet & Home Lifestyle Expert and Author, Colleen Paige, who is also the founder of National Dog Day (August 26) and National Cat Day (October 29).

Here are our top 10 ways to celebrate National Puppy Day:

1. Adopt a puppy from a local shelter or certified pure breed rescue organization.

2. Encourage your local pet store to stop selling puppies and instead work with local shelters.  

3. Donate money, food, toys or volunteer time to a local shelter.

4. Buy your puppy a new toy. 

5. Give your puppy extra playtime.

6. Assist an elderly neighbor by walking their puppy for them.

7. Teach your puppy new tricks.

8. Take your puppy to the beach or dog park. 

9. Give your puppy a special treat. 

10. Invite other puppies and their owners over for puppy playtime. 

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