4 Flaxseed Benefits for Dogs

Grown for thousands of years to create textiles like linen, the flax plant is also cultivated to make linseed oil (aka flaxseed oil), a nutritious superfood for your dog.

Benefits of Flaxseed for Dogs - Lucky Dog Treats

The flax plant produces tiny, brown and/or gold seeds that have a palatable, nutty flavor. You can find flax in liquid (oil), capsule, or ground form. Avoid whole flaxseed. While it won’t hurt your pet, it’s likely to pass right through undigested.

Why is flaxseed important for your pup? We’ve summed up four good reasons:

  1. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids keep your dog’s skin, coat, and heart healthy
  2. Soluble fiber aids digestion and eliminates oxidized cholesterol
  3. Anti-inflammatory alpha-linoleic acid supports joint health
  4. Antioxidant lignans support the immune system

Add a little bit of flaxseed to your lucky dog’s daily life in meals or in treat form for a world of health benefits.

Tip: store flaxseed products in the fridge to extend shelf life and avoid rancidity

Have a happy-healthy day!

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